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San Francisco

San Francisco Airport Shuttle

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is a larger one. It is a locked circle and has two levels.  Airport shuttles are located on the upper level, on the outer curb, in the loading island.  There are 3 loading terminals: 1 - most of the airlines, 3 - United and American, 4 - International Terminal.  Each of the terminals have 3 loading zones: "Blue" - Supershuttle, "Red" - Lorrie's and American, "Rainbow" all other shuttle companies.  Airport shuttles are regulated by the coordinators from 10:00am to 10:00pm.  Outside of this time frame the shuttles are still there but you are on your own.  Shuttles go on rotation once in about 10 minutes, have to stop at all terminals and then on to the freeway.

If you don't have a reservation make sure to ask, when the van will leave the airport, and how many stops there will be before you.  Also watch out for hustlers and strangers trying to help you find a shuttle, just follow the signs and ask airport personal only.

It is always better to make a reservation ahead of time.  This way you will know for sure where to go and who to contact.  Most of the airport shuttle companies will ask for a credit card information to secure the reservation.  Ask for contact information and confirm the reservation, just in case, the day before (not necessary but "you never know").  Ask for confirmation numbers (if applicable), and make sure not to loose vouchers, coupons, and reservation slips.

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Note that the prices listed are for San Francisco City and San Francisco Airport, if you need rates to other airports or cities please contact the company directly.




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